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Super capacitor background: supercapacitors, also known as electro chemical double layer capacitors (ELDC) or ultracapacitors, differ from their chemical power storage counterparts in that they supply large bursts of energy and recharge very quickly.

When a burst of energy is needed, the low internal resistance of the supercapacitor delivers the needed current, whereas the higher resistance of the chemical battery causes the battery voltage to collapse. Supercapacitors serve to eliminate the instantaneous energy demands placed on the battery and this in turn extends battery run time and prevent declining charge capacity as the battery ages. Supercapacitors, unlike batteries, are maintenance-free and operate over a wide temperature range. Supercapacitors used in conjunction with batteries or other power sources, like photovoltaic or fuel cells, provide an effective solution when batteries alone do not meet the performance objectives. Supercapacitors are also an excellent choice for short term power back up of seconds or minutes.

Portable applications and digital technology have outpaced chemical battery technology.


A typical symptom of insufficient battery performance is the ratio of time the appliance is in use versus the appliance recharge time.  Another nuisance is when the battery has to be replaced prematurely as it will no longer hold a charge. In these situations, using batteries in conjunction with Ultracapacitor can often improve overall system performance and extend battery life.


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